Unique Professional Sound Products

If you are the professional who is looking for unique and high quality solution to your Professional Audio industry needs, UNKA SOUND SYSTEMS is your company.

Our Engineers and Technicians are coming from “Live Sound battlefield” background, having huge experience and knowledge of what sound professionals need.

Our goal is to create complete, flexible and modular products of highest quality with and unique design, small size, low weight and high performance achieving insuperable quality/price ratio.


Unka Sound products are the result of an intense collaboration between our Engineers and different European experts in I+D. Unique products made with the best European components and under strict CE norms.


All our products are made having in mind our manufacturing philosophy “Maximum Performance, versatility and value for money without compromising highest quality“. This concept is incorporated in every single product made in our factory.


Our sound systems, made following simple recipe “Speaker box + DSP + Amplifier” are very flexible, offering wide range of solutions for every possible situation in Live sound or Installations field.


We are offering, to the Professional Sound companies and professionals, high quality tools for their business activity maintaining very reasonable prices.