Force DSP-4 is an advanced 1input / 4 output processing board designed specifically to provide powered products with advanced functions and DSP processing.

Force DSP-4 is an advanced 1input / 4 output processing board designed specifically to provide powered products with advanced functions and DSP processing: Parametric high cosine filters, custom FIR and IIR EQs, as well as TruePowerTM, RMS and peak limiters, Active Damping Control TM are totally compatible through Armonía Pro Audio Suite TM software, based on the SHARC® chip from Analog Devices, the DSP-4 offers an unmatched set of processing capabilities, with up to 4s of input delay, input EQ and multilayer output and custom dynamic processing.

Two AES3 digital input streams are accepted through RJ45 or XLR connectors, supporting multiple sample frequency rates. AESOP protocol guarantees flexible and reliable network capabilities, with automatic configuration to quickly configure redundant and chained network topologies and also a solid connectivity without loss of audio signal or control. 

Compatible with all amplifier modules, the Force DSP-4 is ideal for any application with high processing requirements and digital audio networks, and represents the perfect DSP plug-in for high.level multiway systems and line arrays that need complete control.


Opción para: 


FORCE H212A 2.0

FORCE H212A 4.0

FORCE S2A 1200

FORCE S3A 1600


* Full integration with Armonía Pro Audio SuiteTM software 

* Remote control via Ethernet (AESOP network) with: 

* remote control and recall of parameters

* remote preset handling / OEM protection 

* rmware update

* protection of OEM part / user part 

* group information 

* userde nedFIR ltershandling

* Digital Audio input optional add-on board with:

* AES3 input through XLR connector.

* AESOP carring up to 2x AES3 streams, stereo 24 bit @ 32 to 196 kHz

sample rate through RJ45 connector.

* Forward to AESOP network of the AES3 input from the XLR.

* Four versions to match any DigiMod amps con guration:

* 2-channel version – it connects the amp module via the 72 pin SIM board. 

* 4-channel version – it connects up to two amp modules by means of

two 72 pin SIM board.


* PFC4 version – it drives the four channel of the DigiMod 3004PFC4. * Core version – 

it allows full customization of the I/O interface.

* One input channel:

* Analog input: 24 bit @ 48 kHz AD converter with TandemTM architecture. 

* Digital input: 24 bit @ 32 to 196 kHz; internal SRC makes the system

independent from the clock of the digital input stream. 

* Input gain, trim and mute.

* Input EQ: three layers of 32 raised-cosine  letrs each. 

* Up to 4 s of input delay.

* Four output channels:

* Output EQ: parametric equalizers: custom FIR, parametric IIR: peak-

ing, hi/lo-shelving, all-pass, band-pass, band-stop, hi/lo-pass. 

* Crossover: Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel: 6 dB/oct to 48 dB/oct


* TruePowerTM limiter, RMS limiter, Peak limiter.

* Active DampingControlTM for cable resistance compensation and

speaker damping.

* Signal generator (arbitrary waveform). 

* Up to 100 ms for time alignment. 

* Auxiliary mic input for testing and alignment

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