The FORCE H108P is a highly efficient passive satellite speaker 

designed for small, medium sized and big spaces. 

The FORCE H108P is a passive cabinet that can be used with external amplification. It can be powered by the MAKS1A 3.0 model, 

which can also power another MAKS1P subwoofer and two FORCE H108P. 



We have created different options in order to assemble our systems depending on our clients’ needs. We’re aware that on one hand we have clients who have the need for absolute control over their systems and on the other hand others who don’t need this kind of technology. 

For this reason we decided to create the FORCE systems, considering their size and power, with which the client can decide for a variety of products with attractive design and extraordinary sound.



The FORCE H108P incorporates one neodymium coaxial speaker 1×8″ + 1×1.75″. 

With one diffusor designed for this series which serves a coverage of 100° horizontally and 30° vertically and can deliver a 135dB SPL. 

The FORCE H108P has been designed together with the MAKS1A 3.0 subwoofer. 

This subwoofer can send power to another MAKS1P subwoofer and two FORCE H108P simultaneously, 

with the user being able to administrate all its presets or generate new ones. 

The three volume controls – one general one, one for subwoofer and another for the FORCE H108P – turn it into a very attractive device. 

FORCE H108P is a punctual source system with rigging hardware for line array and a cup in the inferior part for making it really versatile. 


All components of the FORCE H108P are designed by the UNKA SOUND I+D department and custom made under the UNKA SOUND quality controls. 







Transportable AV systems. 

Cultural spaces: theatres, stadiums, concert venues, tour backup and small scale events. 





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