The Force H112P is a high performance passive satellite speaker

 designed for small, medium sized and large spaces. 


Designed for companies that seek high efficiency without losing quality. Thanks to their size and weight, they are optimal for all kinds of events and thus make them more profitable.

It combines a high-performance 12 ”neodymium coaxial speaker.

It can be used with external power or from the FORCE H112 2.0, which is prepared with a 2x1050w two-channel power module,

 one channel to power its own speaker and the other channel to power another FORCE H112P satellite.




Made of 15mm birch plywood, with a strong and low weight structure, considering its high power (15kg / 33.07 Ib).

Optimized for use with the MAKS1A and MAKS1P series subwoofers and with the FORCE, S2A, S2P, S3A and S3P series, forming powerful systems for all kinds of events.

Transportable AV systems. 

Cultural houses: theatres, stadiums, concert venues, arenas,

sound reinforcement for tours. 

Big scale events.  



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