FORCE H212A 2.0

The Force series H212 are easily transportable systems of simple assembly and reduced size that combine two coaxial speakers with great sound efficiency.

The Force series H212 are easily transportable systems of simple assembly and reduced size that combine two coaxial speakers with great sound efficiency.


FORCE H212A 2.0 is a long lasting active satellite speaker of high performance

designed for medium sized and large places. 

It combines one 12″ coaxial speaker with Class D “Powersoft” amplification and our DSP, which means exceptional sound quality and power guarantee.  

The active speaker FORCE H212A 2.0 has a very high size / power ratio. Its made of 15 mm birch plywood, with a strong and a low weight structure, keeping in mind its high power. (24 kg). 

It uses 2x700W “Powersoft” class D amplification and our DSP with four different presets. 


FORCE H212A 2.0 is easy to use and is optimised for use in conjunction with our Unka Sound subwoofers, forming powerful systems for medium sized and big places.


Transportable AV systems. 

Cultural houses: theatres, stadiums, concert venues, arenas,

sound reinforcement for tours. 

Big scale events.  



Test at 1 kHz (channel individually controlled). 

With a maximum THD of 1% (EIAJ Ω 700 W to 8Ohm.)

An integrated class D speaker offers 2  141 dB SPL outputs. 

Horizontal use, with exceptional configurations of multiple peaks, including vertical magnet and neodymium woofers, whenever the H212A has two standard 12″ coaxials, as well in sound quality as in SPL matrix, element that fulfils the highest potency line, outdoor resistente. 

The FORCE H212A speaker is compact, auto amplified, under the quality control system of UNKA.  



Power handling                                                     900 + 400 W

Max power                                                            2.100 W

Frequency range (-10 dB)                                    60 Hz – 18 kHz  

SPL 1W/1mt                                                          101 dB (low) – 118 dB (high)

Maximum SPL                                                      141 dB


Horizontal                                                              100°

Vertical                                                                   30°


Type                                                                         DSP controlled + passive filter 

Frequency                                                              1200 Hz


Type                                                                         2 x 12” coaxial neodymium 

                                                                                  Magnet woofer


Analog connectors                                               1 Male + 1 Female XLR IN/OUT

Digital connectors                                                1 Female XLR AES/EBU IN


Connectors                                                             2 x RJ45 ethernet

Controls and Connectivity                                  1 x NL4 Speakon


Type                                                                         1 module class D with 

PFC – DSP controlled 

Nominal Power Output                                        2 x 1.050 W @8 Ω 1% THD + NOISE

Protections                                                            Over Temp.(Power Limiting – 

Thermal Shutdown), Short  Circuit/Overload Output Protection, 

Power Limiting, Clip Limiter/

Permanent Signal Limiter,

High Frequency Protection

Frequency response                                            20 Hz – 20 kHz (+0 -1 dB) for 1W@ 8Ω

Damping factor @ 100 Hz                                   >10000

THD+N  1kHz,1 W                                                0,2%


Nominal power requirements                           100 – 240 Vca ± 10% 50/60 Hz

Operating Range                                                 90 – 264 Vca


Power factor (cos)                                                >0.90 @ 4 Ω full power

1/8 rated power                                                   300 W

(pink noise)@ 4Ω 



Dimensions                                                            70 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm

                                                                                  (29,53“ x 13,78” x 8,66 “)

Weight                                                                     24 Kg  (52,91 lb)


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