FORCE S2P is a passive subwoofer based on a 18″ neodymium speaker featuring 1,200 W of power. Its small size and low weight make it an ideal solution for a variety of situations or a powerful partner to some of our satellite speakers like IMKH15, MAK8, MAK10, MAK12 and FORCE H212. 


FORCE S2P is a passive subwoofer. It can be powered by external electronics or by the FORCE S2A subwoofer that incorporates a four-channel “Powersoft” class-D module. The FORCE S2A uses one channel to power its own subwoofer and the other three channels for the external power supply of three subwoofers FORCE S2P. With a power of 2,000 W per channel and controlled by our DSP. 

The amplifier module is equipped with 4 different presets, optimising your sound for a wide variety of applications. Also available as an option is the FORCE DSP-4 module which can remotely manage and control all system parameters. 

It weighs only 40 kg and its small size makes it specially versatile. 




– Public address systems.

– Audiovisual applications.

– Concert halls.

– Discotheques and discotheques.

– Drum filling and lateral filling systems.



Power handling                                                    1.200 W

Max power                                                            2.400 W

Frequency range (-10 dB)                                    30 Hz – 150 Hz  

SPL 1W/1mt                                                          101 dB (low) – 118 dB (high)

Maximum SPL                                                      141 dB


Horizontal                                                              ohmni

Vertical                                                                   ohmni


Type                                                                         1 x 18″ neodymium 

                                                                                  Magnet woofer


Controls and Connectivity                                  1 x NL4 Speakon


Type                                                                         1 module class D with 

PFC – DSP controlled 

Nominal Power Output                                        2 x 3.000 W @8 Ω 1% THD + NOISE

Protections                                                            Over Temp.(Power Limiting – 

Thermal Shutdown), Short  Circuit/Overload Output Protection, 

Power Limiting, Clip Limiter/

Permanent Signal Limiter,

High Frequency Protection

Frequency response                                            20 Hz – 20 kHz (+0 -1 dB) for 1W@ 8Ω

Damping factor @ 100 Hz                                   >10000

THD+N  1kHz,1 W                                                0,2%

Thermal dissipation                                             1/4 of max output power @4Ω

                                                                                – @230V = 1123 BTU/h (283 KCal/h)

                                                                                – @115V = 1150 BTU/h (290 KCal/h)


Nominal power requirements                           100 – 240 Vca ± 10% 50/60 Hz

Operating Range                                                 90 – 264 Vca


Power factor (cos)                                                >0.90 @ 4 Ω full power

1/8 rated power                                                   600 W

(pink noise)@ 4Ω 



Dimensions                                                            59 cm x 59 cm x 79 cm

                                                                                  (23,22“ x 23,22” x 31,32 “)

Weight                                                                     40 Kg  (88,18 lb)


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